Rosemary Leaves


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Dig in to your favorite flavors with Orgaanivo’s hand-picked dried rosemary leaves. Ideal for adding that savory, woodsy flavor to soups, stews and pastas, this high quality organic food product is bursting with freshness and trendy gourmet flavor. Whether it's your yummy bread/ biscuit dough, a meat dish or a simple potato-lentil salad -this peppery culinary condiment instantly enhances any dish it’s added to.

Did You Know?:

In the herbs and spices family, rosemary is a warehouse of healthy and medicinal properties. A rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin B-6, a pinch of dried rosemary leaves can help improve concentration, digestion, blood circulation and brain aging.

Including rosemary into your diet can be a small yet powerful step towards healthy eating.

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